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Isshin-Ryu (一心流, Isshin-ryū) is a style of Okinawan karate founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku (島袋 龍夫) and named by him on January 15th, 1956.  The name means, literally, "one heart way". Our motto is "honor - courage - commitment. We teach more than just kicks and punches. We also instill a mindset of respect and courtesey. The journey to Black Belt is long and hard - it is the mirror of life. We can guide you through the journey of learning how to overcome obstacles and accomplish things you may not have thought possible.


We have accomplished Black Belt Instructors that lead the school.


We do not have difficult contracts to sign.


We encourage you to come by and observe a class

6709 Camp Bowie Blvd - 76117


Questions? Feel free to call anytime - 817-900-0405


We are located on the West side of Fort Worth

Located right behind Risky's Barbeque

​FOLLOW US - Fort Worth Karate 2010-2022

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